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About Us

Advertising agency specialised in digital communication.

Papesolution Agency is an advertising agency specialised in digital communication, with tested service lines organised for 360 degree support to marketing and communication of companies and public persons.

Papesolution researches and highlights the values making each brand unique, feeding a production of concrete and measurable digital initiatives, optimised in order to favour the achievement of business objectives.

The agency also collaborates on a project-basis providing support, for example, in the realisation of medium or long term marketing plans or analysing and optimising the budget invested in marketing and communication.

Our service lines

Service lines tested and organised for 360 degree support to marketing and communication.

Digital Assessment

Get an external opinion

A team of experts shall examine all the information regarding the application of your corporate strategy and the use of the dedicated budget, carrying out a qualitative and quantitative analysis aimed at identifying any critical issues to be resolved, inefficiencies and unsupervised areas. Digital Assessment is the first step to improving your business.


Website analysis
Analysis of Social Network management
Analysis of placement in search engines
Study and analysis of a brand’s or person’s web reputation

Analysis of the budget invested in digital activities

Analysis of the return generated by the advertising investment (ROI)

Marketing and Communication

Identifies your target and reach it in the most effective and efficient manner

Studies and implements the strategy most suited to reaching the corporate business objectives. The Marketing & Communication Plan seeks to identify the client’s needs and requirements and satisfy them by defining the most suitable instruments and channels.


Development and implementation of Marketing Plans
Creation of strategies for social networks
Concept and creation of multi-channel communication plans
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of a brand
Creation and dispatch of optimised newsletters
Creation of quality specialist texts for the web
Profiling and segmentation of the reference target

Sales Promotion

Optimise your advertising plan

Results count in marketing and these are obtained by following a concrete and measurable strategy which is functional to highlighting the value making each product or service unique. By proposing an attractive offer to a profiled target segment it shall therefore be possible to optimise the budget investment, measure the ROI and favour the achievement of business objectives.


Creation of advertising campaigns on search engines (SEM)
Creation of advertising campaigns on social networks (Social Advertising)
Creation of newsletters optimised for obtaining conversions (DEM)
Placement in search engines (SEO)
Purchase of advertising spaces on sites visited by the reference target (Affiliation)
Interception of users who have visited your site (Retargeting)

Web Reputation Management

Control the impact of your communication

Are you mentioned by sector influencers? Are there any critical issues associated to your reputation on the social networks, online media, blogs or forums? Find out what they are saying about you in the web and improve your reputation. Once all the information is collected, the most relevant channels identified as well as the influencers in the reference sector you will be able to block the distribution of negative content and improve the image of your work.


Monitoring content present in the web which is associated to a brand
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the contents present in the web
Classification of web content into positive, negative and neutral (Sentiment Analysis)
Moderation of potentially negative content
Reporting via alerts, email or RSS

Digital Design

Make emotional contact even before it is commercial

On the web people acquire an idea, a perception even before a product or service: for this reason it is important to establish an emotional contact with your reference target, even before it is commercial. Associating latest generation web products to your own brand brings value to your work, favouring the generation of income over time.


Study and realisation of latest generation websites
Creation of landing pages optimised for obtaining conversions
Updating of websites or pages for displaying mobile devices (Responsive Technology)
Digital graphics professional studio
Technical analysis of a website (Technical Assessment)
Development of systems for managing the contents of a website (CMS)
Development and optimisation of mobile applications

Optimise with us
your digital identity in 4 steps

Nobody knows your work better than you, but are you sure you are intercepting the right needs, in the right channels and at the most convenient time?


In order to work in an effective way, we need to analyse the structure and context in which you operate, evaluate opportunities and the pros and cons of actions undertaken.


We define the strategy most suited to reaching your Business, Marketing and Communication objectives.


We build your digital identity, step by step, thanks to a dedicated team working towards reaching the objectives of the project with you.


We assess the effectiveness of the actions undertaken and the achievement of set objectives, by means of shared and measurable KPIs.

“Having an idea is all well and good. But seeing it through is even better”
Henry Ford

Some Case History

Poste Italiane Spa
Poste Italiane

Management of online reputation during operations linked to the IPO and related listing in the stock exchange.

Web Reputation

Selezione influencer

Report periodici

Consulenza Digitale

Sentiment Analysis

Report quantitativi
e qualitativi con i risultati

Imperial Tobacco Group PLC
Imperial Tobacco

Strategic support for launching the JAI product in Italy, social and reputational management of the brand.

Consulenza marketing sul lancio del prodotto JAI

Web Reputation

Piano editoriale

Gestione Social Network


Report quantitativi
e qualitativi con i risultati

Boscolo Group Spa
Boscolo Group

Digital and Technical assessment of the Hotels, Tours and Gift divisions of the Boscolo holding.

Digital Assessment

Technical Assessment

Analisi del budget investito e del ROI

Report quantitativi
e qualitativi con i risultati

Smartika Spa

Consultancy and support of marketing & communication for placement in the reference market.

Brand analysis

Web Reputation

Consulenza advertising

Piano editoriale

Gestione Social Network


Report quantitativi
e qualitativi con i risultati